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Tropical Juice Elixirs

355ml / 12oz. Taste the best of the tropics! Refreshing, cold- pressed and filled with antioxidants, nutrients and enzymes that not only taste delicious but make you feel completely revitalized. Our 100% juice with no water, sugars, concentrates, dyes, additives or preservatives. Tropical fruits are immune boosting and great for hair skin and nails as they are often high in vitamin c! The shelf life of the juices are 5 days.

Homegrown Juices

355ml / 12oz. Nutrient-rich juices from fruits and vegetables that grow in Ontario. Consume for a positive influence on overall mood and energy levels, these juices provide restorative components that will help to enhance mental outlook, increase immune health, improve bone strength, achieve natural body weight and nourish the heart. In addition to being nutritious, they are also delicious and are loved by kids and adults alike. Our 100% juice elixirs are made with no water, sugars, concentrates, dyes, additives or preservatives.

Sea Moss Superfood Drinks

355ml / 12oz Irish moss is a type of seaweed that has been utilized as a food source for centuries in Ireland. This is where "Irish" moss gets its name. Our moss drinks are combined with cold pressed juice, which blended with the raw blended mineral rich gel, which serve as a nutritious, nourishing tonics, and energizing food sources. They are often aids of relief for gastrointestinal issues, inflammation in the body, bronchitis, coughs, sore throats and chest congestion. The shelf life of the juices are 5 days.

Lemonades / Limeades

355ml / 12oz Our lemonade and limeades are made with cold-pressed citrus juice and sweetened with raw demerara cane sugar and mineral water. Blended to perfection with cold pressed juices, they are not only refreshing but are designed with healing benefits properties in mind such as inflammation, improved digestion, immunity and more. The shelf life of the lemonades and limeades are 14 days.


The ingredients that make up our juice elixirs include healthy, whole, local, tropical and exotic produce; herbs, and spices. We work with seasonal ingredients to extract the maximum amount of bioavailable nutrients each item has to offer. Silky smooth goodness, tropical flavours! 


A refreshing, traditional drink known by many names within the African diaspora; that is attributed to the following health benefits: anti-cancer, anti cold and anti-flu, anti-inflammatory, promotes good vision, prevents heart disease, lowers blood pressure; relieve constipation, fever, menstrual cramps, and support weight loss. The shelf life of the tonics are 14 days.

Sorrel Blends

Did you know? Mangoes can enhance your high, making it the perfect companion to your 4/20 experience! As a person consumes marijuana, THC is released into their bloodstream. THC interacts with the myrcene consumed from mangoes and this is what makes the effects of marijuana stronger. In some cases, it can also extend the length of a high. How long the high lasts though, will depend on the individual. Tip! Want to feel the full effects? = Eat the mango before smoking!

Immunity Shots

The shelf life of the immune boosting shots are 14 days.
Tip: if you are approaching the 10th day and have a significant amount of the product left. You can freeze them in ice cube trays and use them as needed for individual shots.

Wellness Lifestyle Products

Stay on track with wellness products you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle by adding them into your daily routine to continually reap the rewards of your cleanse.


*Notice, of 03/01/2024 | Per Toronto By-Law 2023.IE.9., Customers will have to request the following items: Large carryout paper shopping bags, napkins, straws, plastic water cups, utensils, and cardboard trays.

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