Kumbala Pozoleria

Spilt Milk, 2758 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, USA
Open Hours: Closed
We're closed right now but you can order and schedule pickup later.You'll need to go to Kumbala Pozoleria to pick up this order: 2758 West Fullerton Avenue


Check here for a rotation selection of offerings from our chefs to you!


Pozole weather is here. Elevated interpretations of our family recipes


Great for sharing and a great addition to our pozole and tacos


Half Order = Three (3) Tacos. Full Order = Six (6) Tacos. Trust us...three aren't enough

Kid's Menu

Kumbala Options for the little ones

Taco Party

Get your favorite tacos . . . BY THE POUND. Perfect for family style occasions or for a serious Netflix and Chill session. All of our pounds are weighed out AFTER cooking 😉


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