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The Chocolates

These are a few of our favorite things

The Chocolate Shoppe - Barks & Nuts and Other Things

All of our nuts are candied with egg whites, powdered sugar and sea salt because just toasting was too simple and well... Boring! The barks are slabs cut into squares studded with more than your normal bark and have a clean finish and the nuts are simply addictive.

The Chocolate Shoppe - Chocolate Bars

Our chocolate bars are 1.55 oz per bar and range from spicy to tea centric and all have either crunchy elements or different personalities. We do not currently offer any plain chocolate bars at present as we do not make the chocolate from beans ourselves. Packed in resealable bags in the event you do not devour them in one sitting. We suggest letting them melt in your mouth so that the beauty of the chocolate shines through.

The Chocolate Shoppe - Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow

Inspired by drinking way too much Spanish drinking chocolate in Spain, our drinking chocolate can be as light or rich as you choose. Made with Valrhona cacao, ground Ecuadorian dark chocolate, cane sugar, sea salt and a touch of milk powder, you will never have anything like it. Also makes a great chocolate milk and we suggest 1 tablespoon per ounce of hot or cold milk. Note-use a blender if making chocolate milk. Our marshmallows are a eastern Europe styled marshmallow called a Zeffir. Like traditional marshmallows, these start with gelatin, which makes them non vegan or kosher that is whipped with hot cane sugar and Steen's cane syrup (Louisiana) until cool and then we whip in egg whites and a touch of sea salt. The result is something far less sweet and quite a bit lighter. 2 3" clouds per tube.

The Chocolate Shoppe - Chocolate Sauces and Spreads

Our chocolate sauces are called potions and are either sweetened with agave (the natural syrup created from the agave plant), Sotol nectar (the natural nectar created from the sotol plant or Steen's cane syrup (Louisiana),spiked with different spirits or wine and blended with south American dark chocolate and Valrhona cacao powder. Use these wherever you would use traditional chocolate sauce as well as are great in coffee. Our tub of love placed top 5 in hazelnut spreads a few years ago and the reason why is that we roast the hazelnuts and immediately make a hazelnut butter to which we add chocolate, sweetened condensed milk, dark and caramelized Ecuadorian white chocolates and Steen's cane syrup.

The Chocolate Shoppe - The Salamis

Is the best marzipan i have ever had, date paste, figs (for the FDA), Ecuadorian dark chocolate, cacao nibs and sea salt rolled into a glorious log that looks just like salami. 8 oz log.

The Chocolate Shoppe - Toffees

Not in the hard English style, our toffees are soft and often have savory element. They start with French butter and cane sugar cooked to a golden soft caramel. We then add the flavor profiles that can range from popcorn to even mushroom or dark chocolate at which time gives them a slight crystalized texture. The soft butter toffees are topped with a thin dark chocolate shell and cut into 2" cubes and the soft chocolate butter toffees are rolled in a very thin layer of dark chocolate. 3 each 2" cubes per box.

The Chocolate Shoppe - Truffles & Fudges

Chocolate truffles are named after their strong resemblance to the valuable truffle fungus in appearance. Typically bite sized made from chocolate ganache (chocolate, dairy, butter, cane syrup;in our case Steen's cane syrup from Louisiana) and rolled in a very thin shell of chocolate. Ours are irregularly shaped from being made by hand. 6 1-1/2 bite sized balls per tube. Chocolate fudge made by dude, sweet starts the same as the truffles, however, no cane syrup is added resulting in a more dense texture and deeper flavor. 4 golf ball sized fudges per box.