Feelin Froggie

420 S Reeves Ave, Dover, OH 44622, USA
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Cold pressed Juice: Read this section as it applies to all juices

Each juice is freshly cold pressed. Can also be ordered frozen, particulary if you are planning a 3 to 5 day juice fast. For greatest flavor and nutritional value, frozen juices need to be completely thawed prior to drinking. Fresh juice has a 5 shelf life in the refrigerator and 30 days in the freeze. Our juices are freshly made with no preservatives.

Coffee and Coffee blends

Regular coffee / Decaf / Dandy Blend - Dandelion blend

Hot Teas: Please read this section .

Many of the healing teas have precautions including those that are pregnant, have high blood pressure and other issues. Please read the advisory on each tea prior to purchase. We will be more than happy to give you a free sample of any tea for tasting and testing for your body. Advise consulting with your doctor if you have seizures, high blood pressure or are pregnant.


Vegan, dairy free and gluten free ingredients customizable to please your palette as well as help you with your health goals. Our base has a choice of almond, rice , coconut milk, banana or just juice. Also available are superfood add ons including but not limited to Acai, Wild BlueBerry and Spirulina. Feeling Froggie is a part of Naturally Right Healing Services. Call and ask for Nutritional based blood work, xrays and lab testing to help address your Health Care needs.

Beverages - Canned/Bottled

Variety of canned and bottled beverages


Our breakfast menu is available all day. If you want to have a regular early order, you can schedule ahead or call 330-365-1163 for either pick up or delivery.

Super Froggie Bowls: Power bowls / Smoothie Bowls

Loaded with nutrition in a bowl. We can customize a bowl just for you,

Hamburgers, Tacos, Pizza, Brats and more.

Plant based, gluten free, soy free, goodness. Everything is customizable.

Salads, Soups, and Veggie Sides

Vegan, gluten free, and soy free. 2 oz of your choice of salad dressing comes with each salad, always on the side.

Grab and Hop On.......

Prepared in advance, no waiting and all of the flavor.

Desserts: Yummy and healthy.

Eatting healthy doesn't mean you have to suffer! You only live once. Eat dessert first.

Tadpole Menu

Tadpole or smaller appetites will love this menu. Our goal is to make eating healthy food fun, affordable and inviting. Hoppy Meals will include a main entree, side dish, drink and a toy. Toys are basically for a boy or girl.

Add in's, Nutritional supplements, Superfoods

Basically my pantry! You can ask us to put these on any existing menu item, ask for it to be on the side, or make up your own (within reason). You will notice that there are also supplements to chose from. Instead of buying a full bottle of supplements or essential oils, you can get it by the drop / capsule / etc. Use special request section to lettuce (let us) know what food to add these items.


In the interest in keeping costs down, utensils are not automated included.

Essential Oil Remedies

A variety of essential oil remedies available for Door Dash! I will be adding many more in the near future.