Barnoa Wine Bar & Bistro

831 Via Suerte, San Clemente, CA 92673, USA
Open Hours: 3:00 PM - 8:10 PM
21 - 31 min
ready for pickup

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3:00 pm - 8:10 pm

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Popular Items

The most commonly ordered items and dishes from this store

Barnoa Land and Sea Specials đŸ’«

"Experience a culinary journey with our land and sea specials: tender steaks and fresh seafood, perfectly paired for a delightful surf and turf indulgence. Unforgettable flavors await!"

Small Plates

"Small plates are like culinary whispers, tempting with their petite elegance, each a bite-sized promise of flavor and delight, inviting a journey of taste in dainty, delicious morsels."

Soup & Salads

"Soups and salads are like the whispers of the kitchen, each a delicate balance of flavors and textures, weaving a tapestry of nourishment and refreshment in every spoonful and forkful."

A Bit More

"Dishes that are more than a small bite are like a symphony of flavors, each a generous harmony of ingredients and textures, offering a satisfying, full-bodied experience that lingers delightfully on the palate."


"Mains are like the crescendo in a symphony of dining, bold and commanding, each dish a celebration of flavors and textures, masterfully orchestrated to satisfy and delight the heartiest of appetites."

Something Sweet 🍹

"Sweet desserts are like edible hugs, each bite a symphony of sugar-kissed delight, weaving a tapestry of joy in every indulgent, blissful mouthful."

Refreshing Beverages

"A refreshing beverage is like a splash of joy in a glass, reviving the spirit and tickling the taste buds with its vibrant zest."

White and Rosé Wine

"White wine dances with light steps on the palate, a symphony of citrus and sunshine, while rosé whispers tales of summer with each rosy sip, a ballet of berries in a glass."

Red Wine đŸ·

"Red wine is like a deep, soulful melody in a bottle, rich with the echoes of ripe berries and the warmth of a velvet night, a luxurious embrace for the senses."

Beer đŸ»

A gift from the gods from which all good things flow.

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Barnoa Wine Bar & Bistro (Via Suerte San Clemente) Near Me - Pickup and Delivery

Barnoa Wine Bar & Bistro (Via Suerte San Clemente)
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