DEER CAMP® Coffee Brews & Eats Café

35279 Dodge Park Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48312, USA
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6/17, 9:40 AM
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Enjoy a election DEER CAMP® Coffees, Teas, Iced Coffees, Cold Brews, and other beverages.

DEER CAMP® Iced Coffees

Enjoy a DEER CAMP® Ice Coffee. Made with our own unique style and tastes the whole camp will enjoy!

DEER CAMP® Cold Brew Coffees

Smooth low acidity cold brew coffees and specialty flavors.

DEER CAMP® Nitro Cold Brew Coffees

Enjoy one of our hand Crafted DEER CAMP® Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. Made with Premium 100% Arabic Beans, Steeped, put through a unique nitration process to provide a one of the kind experience of watching cascading effect, creamy and airy froth smooth caffeinated and low acid tasty beverages.

DEER CAMP™ Eats Café

DEER CAMP™ Eats Café features Wild Game Venison Hot Dogs and Venison Polish Sausages, Chili, salads, soups, and desserts.


Enjoy a selection of DEER CAMP™ Hot Dog, Venison Hot Dog, or Venison Polish Sausage Combo

DEER CAMP™ Chips & Snacks

Enjoy Made In Michigan Chips and Snacks.

DEER CAMP™ Outfitter Collection Dessert & Treats

DEER CAMP™ Outfitter Collection include an assortment of products such as donuts, ice cream and other goodies enjoyed at camp.

DEER CAMP™ Hot & Cold Beverages

Enjoy DEER CAMP™ Teas, Hot Chocolate, Lemonade, Milk, Soda, and other Made In Michigan beverages.

DEER CAMP™ Shaved Ice

Enjoy a DEER CAMP™ Favorite with Hawaiian style shaved ice featuring over 25 flavors for your enjoyment. Three sizes to enjoy 12 oz 16 oz and 20 oz.

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DEER CAMP® Coffee BREWS & EATS CAFE (Dodge Park Rd) Near Me - Pickup and Delivery

DEER CAMP® Coffee BREWS & EATS CAFE (Dodge Park Rd)
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