Mgwalexs Hawaiian Grill

Mgwalexs Hawaiian Grill, 4549 NE Cully Blvd, Portland, OR 97218, USA
Open Hours: 10:45 AM - 7:55 PM
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Feast for two

Perfect to surprise a husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or someone special in your life Mahalo


Sharing Bites

Mgwalexs Delish bowl

One Meat Platter

Chopsticks available (If requested from a customer) Include soy sauce and your Mac salad served on a separete container!

Island Two Meat Combo

Chopstick available (If requested from a customer). soy sauce included! any substitution will be upcharge Mahalo!

Spectacular Three Meat Combo

Chopstick available (if requested from a customer). Include soy sauce?



Mac & Cheese


Greek Gyro

Side meats

Boneless meat!



Party Items (Required 48 Hour in Advance)

Required 48 hour in advance please.

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