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Elegant Tableware - Elegant Plates

Elegant Tableware - Elegant Chargers

Elegant Tableware - Elegant Bowls

Elegant Tableware - Elegant Cups

Elegant Tableware - Elegant Cutlery

Elegant Tableware - Elegant Napkin Rings

Elegant Tableware - Elegant Napkins

Elegant Tableware - Party Sets

Elegant Tableware - Elegant Trays

Elegant Tableware - Elegant Serving Bowls

Budget Tableware - Plastic Plates

Budget Tableware - Paper Plates

Budget Tableware - Plastic Cups

Budget Tableware - Paper Cups

Budget Tableware - Plastic bowls

Budget Tableware - Plastic Cutlery

Budget Tableware - Value Napkins

Budget Tableware - Budget Tablecloth & Placemats - Products

Budget Tableware - Mini Entertainers

Holidays/Events - Hanukkah

Holidays/Events - Thanksgiving

Holidays/Events - Christmas

Holiday/Events - 4th of July

Holiday/Events - Birthdays

Baking Products - Aluminum

Check out our wide Variety disposable aluminum pans to make cooking a breeze & eliminate messy cleanup. Our Disposable Aluminum pans come different sizes and shapes, some of our pan have lids which are sold separately.

Baking Products - Baking Cups

Baking Products - Sandwich Bags

Baking Products - Garbage Bags

Storage/Salad Containers - Smoothie Cups

Check out our great Selection of our Disposable smoothie cups that come in different sizes. Perfect for Ice coffee, slushy, etc. Lids are sold separately and are universal for all sizes.

Storage/Salad Containers - Salad Containers

Our Clear plastic salad containers make meal prep easy! Prepare ahead. Then grab and go. Our salad bowls to go are also great for kids’ lunches, catering events, church and family potlucks, parties, and the ever-busy holidays. The airtight, dome-shaped lid keeps freshness in and air out, and it prevents accidental spills.

Storage/Salad Containers - Meal Prep Containers

Microwaveable, dishwasher and freezer safe so you can conveniently use it as disposable food storage containers, food prep containers, portion control containers, and to-go containers. Durable - Made of durable heavyweight polypropylene which makes this bento boxes strong and tough and can support hefty foods without bending or cracking, yet light enough to make carrying it simple and easy.

Storage/Salad Containers - Deli Storage Containers

Organize your kitchen & pantry with Food Storage Plastic Containers. The container are extremely durable With the extra strong quality needed for everyday use.

Serverware - Trays/Platters

Entertaining is made easy with Plastic serving trays, Disposable platters and stands from onlyonestopshop. Shop for a timeless classic or seasonal favorite to complete your dinner party.

Serverware - Serving Bowls

Serve dinner in one of our fun and stylish Disposable serving bowls. Shop at Onlyonestopshop for decorative serving bowls, salad bowls, and more!

Serveware - Serving Utensils

Serverware - Server Pitcher

Elegant Party Pack

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