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372 Savannah Ave, Statesboro, GA 30458, USA
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Weekly Specials

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Special'Tea Latte

What makes these drinks our specialty? It's the signature taste of each drink, made with natural ingredients, that can only be found when you come by for Sum'Mo Tea!

Sum'Mo Lemonade

Refresh yourself from the hot and busy day with our all natural lemonade drinks.

Herbal Tea Brews

Enjoy a variety of herbal tea blends brewed freshly. Our loose leaf tea is all natural and a great addition to your daily routine. Full of antioxidants and minerals that can promote a healthier lifestyle choice.

Coffee Craver

We couldn't forget about the ones craving sum'mo coffee! Made with 100% arabica beans and offers a rich, full-bodied flavor with a freshly brewed coffee aroma. Gourmet roasted, cold extracted, and lightly sweetened with pure cane sugar, and your choice of flavor. Topped with flavored whipped foam and sauce drizzle.

Sum'Mo Food Menu:

Check to see what we have!

Vegan Menu:

These menu items are plant based options with meat substitutes. Some ingredients may not be fully plant based but are natural, non-GMO, with no artificial flavors or added sugars.

The Sweet Tooth Menu

Hot and ready sweets with the taste of different toppings and syrups. Made to order.

Sum'Mo Sides

Choose to add a side on to your meal. Kitchen Open: 11am-5pm

Classic Iced Tea

Make it iced or hot, Sweet or not! Southern flavors in the classic way we make sweet tea. All natural black tea or green tea made with pure cane sugar. Make it fruity, with puree and add real frozen fruits!

Loose Leaf Bags

Purchase our loose leaf herbal tea to use at home. Purchase a new tea infuser to enjoy your loose leaf experience.

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