Supreme Coffee and Donuts

Supreme Coffee & Donuts, 1284 Main St, Brockton, MA 02301, USA
Open Hours: 6:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Ready by 6:30 AM
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6:00 am - 5:30 pm

Popular Items

Popular Items

The most commonly ordered items and dishes from this store


Passion Fruit Tropical ( guava and mango)

Wheat Toast Sandwiches

When Ordering please let us know what kind of meat you want on your Sandwich

English Muffin Sandwiches

when ordering please let us know what kind of meat you want in your sandwich

Hot Reg Coffee/Tea

When placing the order please specify if you want cream , sugar ,milk or anything in your coffee

Hot Flavored Coffee/Tea

¨Brewed Coffees¨ unsweetened * Hazelnut * French Vanilla * Cinnamon Hazelnut * Banana Hazelnut * Vanilla Hazelnut * Toasted Almond * Irish Creme * Pumpkin * White Chocolate Peanut Butter/Cookies n´ creme not included check Powdered flavors

Iced Reg. Coffee/ Tea

Specify if you want cream, milk , sugar or anything in your Coffee

Iced Flavored Coffee/Tea

All this Flavored Coffees except for the House Brewed Flavors are already pre sweetened because of the Shots, swirls and mocha * Almond Joey * Angel´s Kiss * Banana Split * Banana Delight * Booster Cake * Brain Freeze * Cafe Supremo * Coconut Paradise * Caramel Fudge * Alana´s Coffee * Frosty Supreme *Jungle Fever * Mocha Rocca Berry * Mocha Masquerate * Mistery * Pod of Gold * Spring Break * Phantom * Irish Kiss * Rocky mountain * Monster´s Brew * Frosty Supreme * Polar Espress * Valentine´s Kiss * S´mores * Jim Dandy *Funny Bone Flavored Iced Tea - Strawberry, Raspberry, Green Apple, Watermelon

Iced Chai/ Iced Powdered Coffee

All Powdered Flavor coffees are Pre- Sweetened * Class of 2020 * Caramelo Cup * Peanut Butter * Fool´s Gold * Jazzy * Banana Cabana * Double Dip Swirl * Cookies n' Creme * Hurricane *Java Chip * Homerun * Muddy Spring

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chai Tea/ Powdered Coffee

* Vanilla Chai * Blondie / White Chocolate * Pink/ Raspberry * Nutty/ Toffee Nut * Caramelo Cup * Peanut Butter * Banana Cabana


Frozen Drinks Smoothies/ Coffee

*Strawberry *Strawberry Banana *Mango *Tropical * Pina Colada Peanut Butter Cookies Java Chip Vanilla Latte

Iced Latte

* Caramel Swirl * White Choc. Swirl * Dark Chocolate * Rocky Mountain

Red Bull Infusion


Cup of gains ( chocolate whey protein, banana,peanut butter)

Croissant/ Cuban/ Bagels

When Ordering please let Us know what kind of BREAD you want your Sandwich on and what kind of meat ..CROISSANT, CUBAN or BAGEL- (Plain, Onion, Everything, Wheat, Sesame, Cinnamon Raisin. )

Breakfast Wrap

White wrap


On Cuban Bread


Turkey, Mozzarella cheese, spinach, tomatoes and pesto on a Cuban bread

Hash Brown



Plain , Onion, Everything, Cinamon Raisin.


Blueberry, Corn, Raisin Bran, French Vanilla, Pistachio, Carrot, Cinnamon Apple, Cranberry,Pumpkin, Tri Berry, Chocolate Chip, Mocha Fudge, Pineapple Coconut, Mocha Berry.


We have a verity of Donuts and Crullers all made fresh daily

Donut Holes


Apple Turnovers, Raspberry Turnovers, Cinnamon Stick, Raspberry Stick, Apple Square, Lemon Square

Cold Beverages

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Supreme Coffee and Donuts (Brockton)
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