Zhe Eatery

Zhe Eatery 浙家小厨, 398 Ferrier St Unit 60, Markham, ON L3R 2Z5, Canada
Open Hours: Closed
We're closed right now but you can order and schedule pickup later.You'll need to go to Zhe Eatery to pick up this order: 398 Ferrier Street

Daily Special 今日特价 $6.99

Cold Dish 冷菜

Soups 汤

Appetizer 小吃

Seafood 海鲜

Pork 猪肉

Beef 牛肉

Vegetables 蔬菜

NoodleSoups 汤面

Fried Rice

Dessert & Beverages 甜品饮料

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